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5 days of Christmas

Monday – Christmas hats & head bands

Tuesday – Ugly Christmas sweater

Wednesday – dress up like a Christmas tree

Thursday – red, white & green

Friday – Pajamas & stuffies

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Important Reminders for Parents/Caregivers

  • While it may have been permitted or not diligently enforced in the past, dogs are not permitted on school property, which includes our school parking lot. Although the dog may be on a leash, we do have children and adults who are allergic or very afraid of dogs and could be uncomfortable around your pets.
  • Our school parking lot is to be used for staff, visitor and volunteer parking. For the safety of our students, parents and caregivers should use side streets for drop off. Walking is always encouraged where possible. At no time should a parent or caregiver be parked in the accessible spaces unless they have a permit posted on their vehicle and they are coming into the school. This spot should not be used for drop-off or pick up. We have volunteers and students with mobility challenges who need access to these spaces.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in ensuring that the safety of our students and staff is a priority.

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A few late week notes/reminders…

  1. Each student and/or parent is asked to bring $2 for the Advent concert on Monday, December 10th @ 1:45 – all are welcome to attend!
  2. Do you have a child who is in JK  or was born in 2014 who may need glasses?   Click on the link below.                                                                   Eye See Eye Learn 2018-19-Welcome to JK
  3. Toy drive – WE TEAM is grateful for all of the contributions so far – the last day for donations is December 14th
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Christmas Angel Tree

The We Team would like to thank all families who have generously donated to our Christmas Angel Tree!
We will be wrapping up our mission Friday December 14th and we are still accepting gift cards and new toys or board games to brighten a child’s Christmas.
We thank you in advance for your compassion this month.

WE Team

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Westvale Stream Maintenance Project

Over the next four months, the City of Waterloo will have a crew working on the stream bed in the area of Westvale Park. This is a walking area for a number of our students and they may come across equipment and need to be aware and have a heightened vigilance while walking past the active site. The crew will be working on the stream bed, throughout the park and will have various pieces of equipment situated and moving on site over this period. Safety fences will be installed, directing pedestrian traffic around the sites, ensuring walkers are at a safe distance.

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COBS Bread the Boardwalk – Dough Raiser Program!

Holy Rosary Catholic School has just partnered with COBS Bread in an on-going fundraiser. All you have to do is shop at COBS Bread The Boardwalk and before your transaction is paid for, let them know your child attends Holy Rosary school.  Your total will be added to our “tab” and in June, the school will receive 10% of that total back which can be utilized to fund different programs/events within the school.

A few rules….

* Only eligible for the immediate family of the attending child(ren)

* You need to notify the staff before you pay

* Program runs through the summer months as well

COBS Bread is THE local community bakery! They offer a huge bread selection, sweet and savoury treats, all baked on premise, from scratch, without added preservatives! Products are Baked Today ~ Sold Today!! And all unsold product is donated to local charity partners through our End of Day Giving Program.

Follow COBS on Facebook  and check out the link below.


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