Good afternoon Holy Rosary families!

Today’s request comes looking for a little kindness, compassion and understanding…

Our bus drivers are working VERY hard!  Not only are they working around a software system that continues to crash on a daily basis (through no fault of their own) but they safely shuttle up to 72, not so quiet children per route – often sporting a smile on their face!  They cover routes and shifts for drivers who may be sick or unable to attend work.  Often this is a new route to figure out AND construction or road closures to contend with.  Bus companies are also struggling to find enough workers to do the task, for the salary that is offered.  The technicians who would normally be answering the phones and/or our questions, are now working to build routes one student at a time since the cyber-attack that happened earlier this year.

The drivers we have helping Holy Rosary are doing a great job.  We need to thank them for showing up – even if it is late from time to time.  We need to thank them for getting 5 bus loads of our students home safely each day.  We need to show a little compassion and empathy to them each, and every day.

What can YOU do?

It’s simple.  When you get off the bus at school, turn to your driver, look them in the eye and say “Thanks for coming to work today!” When you are riding on the bus, you can sit quietly, chat with your friends, read a great book and remember to always be respectful and make good choices. When you get off the bus at your stop, you can once again say “Thank you!” with a smile.  A genuine smile and great manners go a LONG way!

We are confident that with some patience, determination and a team effort – we can all do a part to make these challenges a little easier to manage.

Thank you for your support.

We are an amazing school, a terrific community and always strong and better together!