November 14th – Pathways Night is an event put on by the Resurrection School Council, inviting students and parents to explore the opportunities available in each Pathway AFTER GRADUATION. It is definitely a valuable and engaging night, but it has nothing to do with exploring Resurrection as a Secondary School option. There won’t be class tours or teachers available.  All speakers are people from the community who have volunteered to come and inform students and families about the variety of options and of course, the value of each Pathway.

November 28th – Grade 8 Night, is an open house format at Resurrection for Grade 8 students and parents, to come and see the amazing programs the Rez has to offer. Any and all students considering Resurrection as their Secondary school choice are welcome to come, including public school students. All staff will be on hand to offer information, tours, guidance information and of course pathways planning. There will also be representatives for areas such as SHSM, Co-op etc.