Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Our theme for this year is framed around the “Umbrella Project” which focuses on the well-being of our children, specifically their ability to use strategies to “weather the storms”. We are in year 2 of the project. Click on the link below for more information. Parents will have direct access to the resources and tips provided by Dr. Jen as we roll out year 2 of this program from JK – Grade 8.


Monthly Themes:

  • September – reviewing our umbrella skills from year 1 – gratitude, grit, self-compassion, resilience, mindfulness, autonomy, intrinsic motivation, integrity and mastery
  • October – Empathy
  • November – Growth Mindset
  • December – Cognitive Flexibility
  • January – Authenticity
  • February – Purpose
  • March – Kindness
  • April – Self-Efficacy
  • May – Optimism
  • June – Lifestyle

I am grateful every day for the opportunity to lead this amazing school community.

Lori Tait