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Thanks to a generous donation of funds from the Holy Rosary Catholic School Council, a variety of classes were given the opportunity to engage in a program called “Learning Through The Arts”. In grade 7, this program enabled to students to become more familiar with the language expectations involving various skills in the area of poetry, but in a very unique way. On the back of the We Day – an initiative that strives for social justice and is closely linked with the “Free the Children” foundation, the grade 7 class created a song entitled “The Call of Freedom“. The students developed the idea, wrote, performed and recorded the song and have had a great time doing it! Listening to the words carefully, it touches on many aspects of living in difficult conditions and challenges us all to answer the call. It was a valuable experience that is only made possible due to the Learning Through the Arts program.
Who are we?
We are a group of volunteers who donate our time to enhance student learning in our school.  We are parents, teachers and staff who are working towards a common goal.  We are not a “Parent Council” or a “PTA”, nor are we a political body.  Our goal is to help our school become the best it can be.
What is our purpose?
The objective of this group is to enhance the school’s learning environment by:
  • Assisting in the building of a visible Catholic community and working together in the interest of Catholic education.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the involvement of parents in their children’s education by respecting the values and priorities of the entire school community.
  • Enhancing the lines of communication between parents, teachers, and students in our school community.
  • Providing a forum for discussion about issues that affect our school.
  • Having meaningful input into decisions that will have an impact on our children and school.
How can I get involved?
Please feel free to join us on the meeting dates listed below or volunteer to take on a more permanent role at the beginning of each school year!