-all pledges submitted by Monday, October 29th will qualify for an extra prize ballot

-Fundraising & school spending priorities:

  1. “Scientists in the Classroom” half-day workshops for every class, Kindergarten through Grade 8 – approx. $200 per session
  2. Purchase of musical instruments  – digital piano (cost being explored) and ukuleles (class set – $1300)
  3. Promotion of the “ARTS ” with links to skills embodied in the Umbrella Project – check out the links!
    1. HipHop Dance +iPad Promo Video
    2. Yoga +Mindfulness Promo Video (focus on wellness)
    3. Frisbee Rob – the importance of physical literacy/learning from failure/getting unplugged – http://www.unpluggd.ca/ – he does a school-wide presentation followed by workshops for up to 10 groups of students the remainder of the day – cost is $750 for the day

Thank you in advance for your generous support!