We hope all of our students and families are keeping well during this challenging time. 

Below is the Government of Canada’s Coronavirus website: 


  • If you follow our Twitter feed – @ HRosaryWaterloo – you have been tracking posts encouraging people to “find the helpers.” There is a lot of good happening in our community! That said, the link for the Nutrition for Learning “pop up snacks” is posted below and NFL will be at Holy Rosary on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. for anyone needed a healthy snack or two. This is week two of this initiative. Follow NFL on Twitter @Nutrition4Learn


  • Many online learning resources have been popping up over the past week in an effort to keep our students connected and learning including upcoming #STEAM days initiated by WCSDB. Click on the links below.



Other news:

  • EQAO testing cancelled for this school year