Hello families,

This week we navigated through some changes to classrooms based on enrollment shifts, challenges with our bells and P.A. system as a result of the office renovation and a few other glitches, but we are primed and ready for week two!

A few notes:

  • student agendas
    • we had to order several new agendas due to errors in the content – we have contacted the company and these are on order and should arrive over the next few weeks; please continue to use the agendas as the months from September through January are in order
    • the cost for the agenda that is posted on school Cashonline shows $5.25 because of an automatic up-charge for Cashonline fees – we apologize for the error and at this time we are unable to fix it – we will follow up on this as soon as we can – the cost is $5.00
  • supplementary start-up package coming your way
    • Principal letter – Part 1 – welcome and important dates/notes
    • Principal letter – Part 2 – open house information & pizza order form – due on Wednesday, September 12th  and PARKING LOT SAFETY notes
    • Umbrella Project letter from Dr. Jen – this project is a 2-year commitment – we are one of several WCDSB schools to be involved in this “well-being” initiative – as you enter the school you will notice that umbrellas are hanging in our LLC (Library Learning Commons), our sacred space and in each of our classrooms
    • volunteer form
    • Intermediate students only – a letter outlining excursions and projected costs to assist families with budgeting
  • Holy Rosary public calendar – if you click on the CALENDAR tab at the top of our school home page you will see our Holy Rosary public calendar – this will be updated regularly with school events

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂